Our bar is like entering into a different world.

This is more than a bar for it is an experience, a concoction of old time sophisticated charm infused with and a twist modernism.  You will be pleasantly suppressed by the service that you receive.

A sure way to ruin your special day is to run out of alcohol and so we will ensure that this catastrophe never happens by ensuring that we have put together your essential shopping list of alcohol that you require and have it available in huge supply. This means that you can relax knowing that we have every area covered including beverage requirements.


The Open Bar

The Limited Bar

The Cash Bar

This is the most gracious approach we know guest pays for anything at the wedding including their drinks, but this is also the most expensive. With this option your guests can order any drink on the planet and you’ll have to pick up the hefty tear when your party is done. Some guests might take advantage of you and drink like guppies hence it would be wise for you to inform the bartender as to what he should do in the case of such an individual.

Here you offer a selection of drinks such as beer, wine and mixed vodka drinks for example and set specific consumption times, such as cocktail hour, the toasts and then after dinner.


A wise option with this choice would be to higher waiters to pass drinks around on trays rather than letting guests go up to the bar. You will have to pay for the waiters but you’ll probably save money on alcohol as fewer guests will go overboard. You can also limit the amount of time that the bar will be open in which case you will need to have water and sodas placed on the tables.

This option is we each guests page for the own drinks. This ivory is not always a wise cost-cutting solution as it can be very controversial but that choice is up to you as we are here to serve you.

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